Finding wedding shoes for bunions

A wedding can be either the most beautiful or the most stressful day of the bride’s life. It is no wonder that with all the pressure to make sure that everything is perfect, some brides forget to relax and have a little break.

When Jennifer Bailey, Calla shoes’ founder, was preparing for her wedding day, she has gone through an absolute nightmare of finding suitable, comfortable and pretty wedding shoes that would suit her feet, which feature prominent bunions. Having only a few pairs of dress shoes, which she would wear to go out, out of which none were wedding material, Jennifer was lost. Searching the internet high and low for stylish shoes for bunions, she was determined to find a suitable pair, but sometimes even determination is not enough.

Having failed to find stylish wedding shoes for bunions, having undergone an enormous amount of shoe-related stress and having had to wear shoes so uncomfortable that they were kicked off after a couple of hours, Jennifer had a lightbulb moment.

calla's founder jennifer bailey

Not wanting any other bride to go through the pain of an unfruitful search for stylish wedding shoes for bunions, Jennifer had started researching her idea to create beautiful shoes for women with bunions. The shoes would be stylish, special occasion suitable, fit for a bride, high quality, bunion-concealing, bunion-comforting AND made to last.

Realising that it is quite a task to create shoes for bunions that check SO many boxes, Jennifer had turned to the Internet to ask fellow bunion sufferers whether the shoes would be something they would be interested in.

The response blew her away – women with bunions have been waiting for someone to create shoes like that for a very, very long time. So Jenni did, and after years of research and setbacks, the Calla range was launched.

calla's founder jennifer wearing calla shoes

Calla does not claim to be the magic shoe that fits every single foot in the world, but the range is constantly expanding – for example, recently, a style of shoes for women who suffer from bunions and also have wide feet was added. Most importantly, the range includes many beautiful wedding-worthy and bunion-friendly shoes, so no woman has to go through what Jennifer went through with her wedding shoe stress and pain. With worldwide delivery available, Jennifer is truly fulfilling her mission to help EVERY woman who suffers from bunions.

As Calla’s catalogue of shoes continues to grow, and now involves high heels, kitten heels, block heels and even flat sandals, so does the amount of amazing reviews that we receive from our customers all over the world. Mojca from Slovenia, who has been a supporter of Calla from the start, has recently sent us the pictures below, and truly moved our hearts. Comfortable wedding shoes for bunions, hammertoes AND wide feet? Calla checks all of these boxes.

You can probably imagine how amazing it feels for Jennifer to know, that she has prevented someone from going through the pain of a fruitless search for stylish wedding shoes for bunions, and then the pain of having to suffer in shoes which do not accommodate bunions during one’s own wedding! Mojca has decided on our low heel Jasmin sandal style for her big day.

black and white photo of a wedding dress and wedding shoes

The credit for these gorgeous pictures goes to Mojca’s wedding photographers, FOTOFABRIK, Lea Jambrošič and Matej Golob. Mojca has kindly given us permission to share them.

Have a look at the other wedding-worthy styles of Calla shoes, which are sure to keep every bride dancing all night! Whether you are after wedding shoes for bunions, or are just looking for comfort, you will surely find something for yourself in the Calla range. We have comfortable low heel wedding shoes for bunions, comfortable wedding flats for bunions, comfortable and stylish wedding high heels for bunions... You get the idea - at Calla, it is all about comfort on your wedding day, without your bunions getting in the way.


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