Taking care of your Calla shoes for bunions

We want your shoes to last as long as possible so please read the following tips to help your shoes stay looking like new.

  • We recommend you apply a waterproofing spray to protect suede and leather shoes from stains and water. If your shoes are made from suede, brush with a suede brush before and after the spray.
  • If your suede shoes get a stain, use a cleaning mousse.
  • If you get mud on them, let the mud dry overnight and brush it off with a stiff brush (eg a nail brush). If there is some remainder dirt left, wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth or use the suede eraser.
  • In most cases, if your shoes get wet, they should be fine. Leave them to dry naturally, never by forced heat. In some cases, however, they can be left with water stains and colour fastness can not be guaranteed
  • Use shoe trees or alternatively screwed up tissue paper in your shoes in between wearing when you can. This will keep the shape of the shoes, push out creases and absorb moisture from the lining.
  • When packing your shoes for a trip use the dust bag provided.

Wearing heels when you suffer from bunions

When you have bunions it is not generally recommended that you wear heels.

However, what we would say is that Calla heels are for those occasions when you absolutely need a beautiful pair of heels such as a wedding, a Christmas party or a fancy dinner date.

Take on board the following advice:

  • If you're not used to wearing heels then try walking around the house in them before your special occasion to get used to the height and the weight on your toes
  • Please remember when you're wearing your shoes for a special occasion, the pressure of your body weight will have put additional strain on the metatarsal joints where your bunion sits and prolonged use may cause some discomfort
  • We recommend you use toe stretchers after wearing your heels to help stretch out and exercise your foot muscles and relieve any discomfort you might be feeling
  • We don't recommend that you wear heels for every day use as your bunion may end up getting larger and more painful.

Otherwise, please enjoy your beautiful shoes!

Stretching your Calla shoes

Our shoes are made from very flexible, high quality leathers which will stretch and mould to your feet over time.

If you need additional room in your shoes you can try the following methods to help stretch out your shoes:

  • Use a special shoe stretcher spray on the inside of the shoe where you want the additional volume. Wear your shoes as normal and the leather will stretch where the spray has been applied.
  • Take your shoes to a cobblers who should have the correct instruments to stretch out your shoes
  • You can buy your own shoe stretchers and follow the instructions that come with them, but take care you don't stretch them too far.
  • There are specific bunion stretching implements that cobblers use that you can buy online and this video will show you how to use them

  • Put your shoes on with a pair of thick socks and use a hair dryer to carry out a short 10 second blast of hot air on the area that you want to be stretched out. Let the shoes cool down completely while wearing them and if they need further stretching then repeat the process again.
  • Scrunch up damp newspaper and stuff inside your shoes. Leave to dry naturally (not under forced heat) and as the newspaper dries it will push the leather out.

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