Wide Toe Box Footwear for Women from Calla

By choosing footwear with a wider toe box, you're helping to provide more room for your feet, which can help alleviate pain associated with bunions, hammer toes, and other issues. Calla Shoes W fit shoes offer a wider fit without sacrificing ankle stability, with the extra space only in the toe box area. This space around the forefoot allows the toes to spread out naturally.

Our roomy toe box range includes knee-high boots and ankle boots, sandals, occasion shoes, and court shoes, high heels, flats, trainers, and wedges.

Our shoes are designed with arch support, helping to prevent fatiguing those muscles and tendons while you're wearing them. They are durable and comfortable with a cushioned insole, a supportive shoe that's ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions.

They can help with bunions, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, and swollen feet.

With Calla Shoes, you don't have to sacrifice color or style for an extra wide toe box, as we've built these features into a fashionable women's shoe range for both casual and formal occasions. These shoes have cushioning built into the footbed, ideal for wide or flat feet, helping to accommodate your foot shape with wide width around your toes and help with shock absorption. Minimize foot pain with shoes that are built for your wider feet, encouraging proper foot health.

Wide Toe Box Dress Shoes

Our more formal wide toe box dress shoes range includes court shoes and high-heeled shoes. These include high-heeled sandals. Our dress shoes range is available in a range of colors, such as silver, cream, black, white, gold, pink, tan, and beige.

Wide Toe Box Flats

Our wide toe box flat shoes include sneakers, sandals, and ballet flats (pumps), offering you a range of styles to suit any occasion. Our ballet flats come in a range of leather and suede colors, including brown, black, leopard print, light blue, navy blue, red, and grey. They offer support without a heel, ensuring you take the pressure off the front of your foot.

Wide Toe Box Boots

Our wide toe box boots range includes Chelsea boots, ankle boots, knee-high boots, short boots, high-heeled boots, wedge boots, and sock boots.

Wide Toe Box Loafers

Our new Beatrice wide toe box loafers range is a wonderful semi-formal option for both summer and winter wear. They include a range of leather styles, such as burgundy red, blue, black, leopard print, navy blue, and pink. They offer gold detailing over the top of the shoe for an extra stylish touch. Also known as espadrilles.

Wide Toe Box Sandals

Our wide toe box range of sandals includes both flat sandals and heeled sandals, offering you plenty of choice for both formal and casual summer wear. They are designed to hide your bunions from sight, which is perfect for those that suffer from bunions.

Wide Tox Box Sneakers

Our "Star" range of wide toe box sneakers is ideal if you need a more casual look. They offer excellent arc support without a heel, and come in a range of colors like black, purple, white, cream, and navy blue.