Congratulations on finding the best sandals for bunions. Now, get ready to step into the world of comfort. You can finally conceal and hide your bunions - our strategically positioned straps and vamps come up high to cover your lumps and bumps.

Whether you are new to our world of comfort, or have been blessed with wearing Calla sandals before, you may wonder what goes into creating the comfort in our sandals for bunions. We are happy to provide answers.

Calla sandals for bunions are made comfortable with the help of:

  • super soft, luxurious Portuguese leather uppers and lining, to ensure that the sandals ‘mould’ to your feet without rubbing
  • wide fitting toe boxes, designed with bunions in mind and specifically to accommodate them
  • standard heel areas, because we know that you only need the space in the front of the sandal where the bunion sits (Calla was founded by a bunion sufferer – no one understands the pain more than we do)
  • non-slip soles, so that you can rely on your shoes to help you stand firmly on your feet
  • our insole comfort features differ depending on the style, but each of our sandal styles features either an arch supported and cushioned insole, or a memory foam insole
  • the years of expertise of our Portuguese shoemakers who handcraft your shoes

sandals for bunions features explained

By incorporating all of the above comfort features, we have created a range of sandals for bunions that your feet will love. In fact, it was the lack of suitable wedding sandals that would fit her feet, that inspired Jennifer Bailey, our founder and fellow bunion sufferer, to set up Calla.

Three years on, and we have now provided women in 50+ countries worldwide with comfortable, stylish sandals. Jennifer does not believe that having bunions should stop you from being comfortable and stylish, and our range of sandals reflects this. Whether you are looking for a casual sandal or a heeled dress sandal, there will be a suitable style within our comfort collection. If you do not believe us, read the reviews of the women who have discovered the sandal bunion comfort already.

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