Famous problem feet: Paris Hilton has bunions too

It would be a great challenge to list all of the things Paris Hilton is. Hotel heiress, Kim Kardashian’s way to fame, DJ, singer, actress, television personality, businesswoman, model, author, and so many more!

However, perhaps, most importantly, Paris is a human, just like the rest of us (unless you’re reading this from Mars, in which case, hello!) and suffers from very human problems.

Perhaps the most widely publicised (except for you know, the arrests and sex tape) of Paris’ problems is her… feet. At a size 11 US (that’s 9 UK, or 42-43 EU), her feet are a great source of struggle for Hilton. To add to that struggle, it turns out that Paris in fact suffers from bunions. Buying shoes for problem feet, that additionally happen to be a size 11 US (9 UK) cannot be fun! Paris was famously quoted saying:

The shoe struggle is real for the heiress, and we are not jealous of this aspect of her life at all. Especially the constant high heel wearing! However, Paris, being, you know, Paris, has created her own shoe range, which runs up to size 11 US. Her shoe range is just one of her impressive businesses, which include handbags, perfumes and hairbrushes, just to name a few. It is safe to say that Paris rarely needs to use products that do not have her own name on them.

At the age of 37, however, Paris must already be feeling the consequences of wearing high heels for most of her life. The consequences of prolonged and frequent wear of high heels include lower back pain, nerve pain (or even damage!), vocal cord damage (as wearing heels can impact one’s breathing), knee pain, hammertoes, calluses, bunions and even ankle sprains.

So, how bad exactly are Paris’ feet? Let us have a look.

paris hilton feet bunions
On this beach photo, you can clearly see how Paris' right foot features a bent bone - a bunion.
Poor Paris seems to suffer from bunions on each of her feet. It is a shame that Paris yet to consider the beautiful, comfortable shoes made specifically for bunions that you can see below. We don't know how long will she be able to keep wearing the uncomfortable, designer heels - we can only hope that her bunions will not get worse before she starts aiming for comfort, rather than height, in her heels!

Calla's range features stylish high heels, boots, flats, kitten heels, wedges, block heels and sandals, all designed with the comfort of bunions in mind. Our shoes beautifully conceal your lumps and bumps, while making sure that you can dance all night long. We can only hope that Paris gives our comfortable heels a chance one day, as incidentally, we do carry shoes up to the size of 11 US!

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