Calla shoes is the brainchild of founder Jennifer Bailey, a bunion sufferer and serial hunter of stylish shoes to wear that wouldn't squeeze and irritate her feet.

Jennifer understands the pain of not being able to find shoes to fit your feet better than anyone, having gone through it for the most of her life. 

The business vision came together after she struggled immensely to find a suitable pair of shoes for her wedding (and ended up kicking off the uncomfortable heels she was wearing after an hour).

Having founded Calla shoes after being made redundant while pregnant, Jennifer’s mission was to provide women with bunions, or any foot problem putting 'normal' shoes out of reach, with the perfect blend of style and comfort, never compromising on either.

Years of research later, Calla was launched to the delight of women all over the world, and the comfort that our shoes provide is loved by customers in 60+ countries. For her role in empowering women, Jennifer was honoured with the Inspiring Woman Award in 2018. 

She is passionate about changing the lives of women who suffer just like her, by taking existing designs and styles of on-trend shoes and modifying them so that they will fit comfortably.

About the shoes

Unlike regular wide fitting shoes, Calla footwear is wide in the toe box, but standard in the heel.

This allows us to provide you with additional width and volume where you need it most across your bunions, without having your heel pop out of the shoe.


We only source the softest, luxury leather and suede, to accommodate your lumps and bumps and ensure that there's no rubbing.

Jennifer spends hours ensuring that all the shoes are carefully crafted to disguise bunions, with vamps coming up higher than in regular footwear, to ensure that your lumps and bumps are 'tucked in'.

Comfort is key, so we have made sure that each Calla shoe features a cushioned and arch supported insole, to support your foot.

To ensure the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship, all Calla shoes are handmade in the Porto region of Portugal

Comfortable Calla sneakers features

Media recognition

Calla has been recognised by the press as:

  • ‘The Best (Actually Stylish) Shoes for Bunions, According to to Foot Experts’ by New York Magazine,
  • Hailed as ‘Ideal for those with bunions’ by NetDoctor,
  • Hello Magazine gave us the accolade of being one of the best wide fit shoes for comfort and cool
  • Top Sante asked 'Were they comfy?' and answered with 'Extremely, as the shoes come up around the feet to cover and cushion the bunion'
  • The Independent recognised us as one of the most comfortable shoes for women
  • ‘Best stylish orthopaedic shoes for women’ by Evening Standard

With many fans among celebrities and bloggers (hello Jeannie Mai, Dawn Gallagher, Meaghan Mooney and Tamera Mowry Housley), you may have started seeing our stylish shoes on the red carpet, too. Calla shoes are also recommended by Dr Bradley Schaeffer (of TLC's 'My feet are killing me').

tamera mowry and dr bradley recommending calla shoes for bunions

So, welcome to the land of comfort, style, and quality. Here are our top tips for you:

        • If you are a first-time customer of Calla, remember that you can get 5% off your first order by signing up to our newsletter. We like to treat you well like that.
        • We understand that if you suffer from bunions, you may not usually enjoy shoe shopping. We are here to change that. Our experienced team of online shoe fitters is at hand to help you with sizing and any other enquiries you may have. Just get in touch at, or using the chat in the right bottom corner of your screen. You can also use our handy measurement guide.
        • USA shipping is free over $180, and USA returns are always free!

        • Now you know all of the above, you are all set to discover our 
range of beautiful shoes that fit