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Your struggle to find stylish and comfortable footwear is over. Our range of shoes is designed especially to fit the feet of women with bunions (hallux valgus) or for women just looking for extra comfort in their shoes.

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We understand your pain. Calla was founded by a long-term bunion sufferer, who worked in conjunction with a team of experienced shoe designers and foot experts to create a range of the most comfortable shoes for bunions you’ll ever wear.

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All over the world, women have fallen in love with the comfort of our shoes for bunions. Try the comfort for yourself with FREE USA shipping (over $120).



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What areBUNIONS?

Bunions affect an estimated 23% of people aged 18-65, and 35.7% of people over 65 (source). Medically known as hallux valgus, a bunion is a bony lump at the base of the big toe. Bunions occur when the bones in the front of the foot move out of place, and slowly begin pushing towards the toes. Bunion pain is very uncomfortable, and foot health can make all areas of life difficult, making shoes with a comfortable fit around your bunions vitally important.

The bunion bump can cause you pain when walking in normal shape shoes from the extra pressure. Shoes can also hurt your joints and make it hard to balance if you have arthritis. Calla footwear has been designed for bunion sufferers, with plenty of extra cushioning, arch support, and room in the footbed, using soft leather for comfort, and providing plenty of sizes to make sure your shoe is comfortable. Our fashionable bunion-friendly shoes range includes formal dress shoes, loafers, pretty pumps, dressy high heels, cute sneakers, flat sandals, and designer heeled sandals. We also provide wide-toe box shoes for those who need extra comfort, and adjustable straps so you can find the perfect fitting shoe for your foot pain.