Yenta + Posha Performance Insoles

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* Insoles will be sent separately from any footwear or other accessories you may place in your order. Yenta insoles must be returned unopened and unused.

Slim full length insole that is half as thick as the average insole on the market. Allows full length support and shock absorption in stylish shoes that don't normally fit an insole. 



  • Alleviates and helps prevent common foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, arch pain and metatarsalgia 
  • Yenta + Posha insoles are patented, podiatrist approved and orthotic. 
  • PORON ® cushioning provides comfort by reducing impact fatigue and is the most advanced performance technology available 
  • Has a metatarsal pad to help alleviate pressure from being on your feet all day. 
  • Uses, breathable, VEGAN bamboo charcoal leather cover 
  • Woven aegis microbial treatment helps kill odor causing bacteria 
  • Supports natural walking motion, which biomechanically aligns your body

Choose the Wing or Feather based on your shoe type. Both are available in round and almond toe. 

  • Wing: Best function in your favorite lace up sneakers or boots (any shoe zipped or tied) Suitable for medium width foot 
  • Feather: Best function in slip-on shoes (any shoe not zipped or tied) Suitable for medium width foot 
  • For a wide foot, use wing in all footwear 
  • For a narrow foot, use feather in all footwear

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