Nine to Five - Weight shifting insoles for heels

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IMPORTANT: GoBunion socks and 9-to-5 insoles must be returned unopened and unused.

Developed by expert podiatrists and orthotic manufacturers, these are the ultimate high heels foot saviors.

Perfect to wear with Calla high heels as they won't reduce the space in the toe box of the shoes.

These magic insoles redistribute the pressure applied to the ball of the foot and toes.

Suitable for reducing:

• Foot fatigue in high heels.
• Any symptom brought on by wearing your heels.
• Pain in the ball of feet in high heels.
• Burning pain in high heels.

Only suitable for heels.

• Very slim and discreet orthotic device made from a special material makes high heels more pleasurable to wear.
• Special in-built flexion-lines allows the insole to shape to each individual shoes heel height.
• This insole moves your body weight away from the forefoot helping to relieve pain and burning around the balls of your feet and toes.
• Nine-to-Five heels are comfortable, washable and our infused with peppermint essence for freshness.
• Insole sits to the back of the shoe, so your toe box isn't filled with material, leaving your toes free, unlike other high heel insoles that squash toes.
• Grips to the shoe (not on your feet) so they will not move within your shoe, although can still be removed to fit another pair of heels (washing renews shoe grip).

These insoles cater for most sizes of court and stiletto shoe, and will fit and work in any height of heel over 1 ¼  inches (34mm).

Small - Size 5-6.5 (US)

Medium - Size 7-9 (US)

Large - Size 9.5-12 (US)

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