GoBunion - Ankle Sock with built-in toe separator

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$22 $30

IMPORTANT: GoBunion socks and 9-to-5 insoles must be returned unopened and unused.

Have you ever struggled with getting your gel toe separator to stay in place as you go about your day? Then you know how big of a game changer the Go Bunion socks are.

Made specifically to accommodate feet like ours, and featured on Dragon's Den in Germany, these socks will separate your toes to help prevent the worsening of your bunions.

The bunion socks relieve pain by stretching and separating the big toe. With the toe spreader made out of soft gel, they are soft and comfortable.

To wash the socks, just pop them in the washing machine on the cold cycle.

100% biodegradable
Small-medium size is equivalent to sizes 4-7 US Medium-large size is equivalent to sizes 8-11 US
Wash in a washing machine at 30°C (cold cycle).

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