Personal comfort

These wider sandals offer extra width and can therefore provide the perfect fit for people with wider feet.

They can help prevent problems such as pinching or cramping, often associated with regularly sized footwear. Running, walking, or lounging in these sandals is possible. They are designed to ensure that each movement is effortless.


These sandals can serve you well during park walks, shopping trips, and beach holidays. They’re great for any casual occasion and can fit into your day-to-day life seamlessly.


Wide width sandals come in a host of styles to meet your personal tastes. Popular options include stylish strappy designs and traditional flip-flops. You can expect to get the support you need, whether dressing up or dressing down.

Health advantages

These sandals give you the necessary amount of space for your feet to spread naturally. They can therefore help with a range of foot-related problems, including corns, bunions, and hammertoes.

Compatible footwear accessories

Wider-fit sandals are compatible with the vast majority of foot accessories. They’re a good match for orthotic inserts and cushioned insoles for people who need more foot support.

They also work well with a wide range of sock types during cooler days.

Brands diversity

These sandals come from a wide range of trusted brands. This ensures you can get the perfect blend of style, comfort, quality, and durability.

How To Choose


Comfort begins with the perfect fit. Wider fit sandals are specifically designed for people with broad feet. Before you go ahead and make your purchase, make sure you know what the length and width of your feet are.

Insoles and footbeds

These elements are essential for comfort. When looking for wide-fit sandals, seek out ones with contoured or cushioned insoles. These are great for distributing weight evenly across the feet and preventing fatigue and discomfort.

Memory foam or (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) footbeds can adapt to the unique shape of feet and deliver custom comfort.


It’s also important to consider the material your sandals are built from. Broad-fitting sandals manufactured from genuine leather offer fantastic breathability and can mold to the shape of your feet over time.

This gives you a more comfortable fit. Some synthetic materials are chosen with water resistance in mind, which is ideal for lovers of the beach and the great outdoors.

Stitching quality

A pair of sandals with good stitching is a sign of great overall quality. Proper stitching protects the longevity of your footwear and can also prevent seams from causing blisters and discomfort.


Broad-fitting sandals are noted for their adjustability. Many wide-fitting sandals come with adjustable straps, giving you a custom fit.

Hook and loop fasteners, including Velcro, help people with different arch types to adjust the sandals to their specific requirements.

Sole material

The material of the sole can have a big impact on comfort, grip, and durability. Rubber soles offer great flexibility and grip.

They’re also fantastic for outdoor wear. EVA soles are lightweight and offer brilliant cushioning, making them perfect for light walking activities.

Brand reputation

It can be helpful to opt for sandals from reputable brands that are synonymous with quality, comfort, and great customer service. Online reviews and ratings can give you a firm idea of what to expect from a specific brand.


There is no need to compromise on style when you’re opting for wider sandals. These sandals are available in a wealth of styles. Big-selling options include slide-ons, flip-flops, wedges, and slingbacks. Find a style that works well with your personal preferences and style.

Heel and sole thickness

The thickness of the heel and sole can have a very big impact on comfort. Thicker soles are able to absorb more shock and cut the strain on feet and joints when you walk across a hard surface.

However, avoid heels that are too thick, as these can put too much pressure on the ball of your foot and cause discomfort.

Fit beyond width

Although it’s very important to consider width when looking for broad fitting sandals, you also need to consider dimensions like depth and length. If sandals are too long, this can cause tripping.

If they are too shallow, they may be unable to accommodate high insteps comfortably.


Higher prices can mean better quality, but many affordable options on the market can also serve you well for many years.

Unless money is no object, try to strike the ideal balance between value and quality.

Care and maintenance

Some materials need more maintenance than others. Leather often needs regular conditioning.

If you prefer footwear that doesn’t need so much maintenance, you could opt for sandals manufactured from a material like fabric or synthetic leather.


Adjustable strap sandals

These wide-fit sandals come with adjustable straps that often have hook-and-loop or buckle closures. These features can give you a tailored fit and are fantastic for people with feet that tend to change size or swell.

They are particularly popular with people living with arthritis.

Slide sandals

These sandals have an easy slip-on design. They are open-toed options that come with a back or constraint around the arch of the foot.

For this reason, they are ideal for people who need shoes that are easy to wear for day-to-day errands and casual scenarios.

Gladiator sandals

These sandals are inspired by the sandals worn in the days of Roman gladiators. They come with multiple straps that run across the feet, ideal for style-conscious people seeking to make powerful statements.

Fisherman sandals

These sandals come with a closed toe box for extra protection. They could be ideal for you if you need additional safety for situations like outdoor adventures.

Although they have a protective design, they still give you fantastic breathability.

Wedge sandals

These sandals come with wedge-shaped heels. They provide ample height with no compromise on stability or comfort. If you like the elegance of heels as well as the ease offered by flats, wedge sandals could be for you.

Orthotic sandals

These sandals come with inbuilt footbeds which support the arch and align feet naturally. This means they’re ideal for people living with foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis. The term ‘orthotic’ is derived from the Greek word, ‘orthos’. This means 'to straighten or align.’

Espadrille sandals

Espadrille sandals have a braided jute rope or similar material soles. These could be ideal for your needs if you require bohemian and summery sandals in style.

It’s said that this style dates back over four millennia.

Sports sandals

Sports sandals are designed with rugged outdoor use in mind. They come with secure straps and sturdy soles. They are popular with adventure seekers who value comfort and functionality whilst embarking on activities like crossing rivers and hiking.


Depending on your specific circumstances, you might need an alternative to wider fitting sandals. Let’s discuss some of the most popular and efficient alternative options available to you.

Sports sandals

These sandals are great for people who live active lifestyles. They are popular amongst those who enjoy trekking, water sports, and hiking, with durable soles and robust, secure straps.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors and need a footwear solution that’s capable of handling tough terrains whilst delivering fantastic comfort, these sandals could be for you.


Flip-flops may be ideal if you need a casual and laid-back alternative. They’re great for lounging by the pool, beach holidays, and quick shopping trips. They are noted for their convenience as well as their simplicity.

They are also designed with prolonged use in mind.

Fashion sandals

These sandals are great for those who prioritize style. They come in a host of designs, including wedged heels and strap-based gladiators.

These sandals are perfect for scenarios where you want to create a chic, sophisticated look without compromising on comfort.

Orthopedic sandals

Orthopedic options are ideal for people with foot problems and those seeking extra support. They are designed to reduce discomfort, support healthy foot mechanics, and deliver fantastic cushioning.

If you have specific medical needs that normal wide fit shoes may not support you with, orthopedic sandals could be right for you.

Slide sandals

Slide sandals are brilliant for people seeking convenience and ease of wear. There are no straps to fasten, and you can slip them on and off within just a moment. Consider these if you need sandals for quick errands or unwinding at home.

Closed-toe sandals

If you need the kind of protection offered by full shoes alongside the openness of classic sandals, check these out.

These sandals are a great match for outdoor activities where protecting the toes is essential and are also ideal for cooler environments where you might need additional coverage.

These sandals are ideal for people seeking the perfect blend of breathability and protection.

Post Purchase Considerations

There are numerous things you may find yourself concerned about after you have purchased your sandals. Let’s take a look at some of these now.

Finding the right size

If your shoe is too big or too small, this can result in discomfort and potential foot issues. If you do find you haven’t achieved the right fit, measure your feet at home, then consult the online size guide if there is one.

Contact the manufacturer if you need help with achieving a better fit. They may be able to arrange a replacement.

Getting comfortable

If you don’t have much experience with wide-fit footwear, it may take time for your feet to adjust to the extra space. This is why it’s so important to ease into wearing your new sandals.

Begin by wearing them for a few hours a day. You can increase these sessions gradually until you achieve the required comfort level.

Styling the sandals

You may be wondering how to ensure your new wide-fit footwear works well with your attire. If this is the case, you can look online for inspiration.

Many sandals are highly versatile and have been designed to work well with a wide range of outfits and garments, including denim jeans and summer dresses.

Caring for and maintaining your sandals

A great way to care for your sandals is to use a damp cloth to clean them before allowing them to air dry naturally.

If you have leather sandals, consider conditioning them occasionally. Store your sandals in a cool, dry place away that’s not exposed to direct sunlight.


What are wide fit sandals?

Wide fit sandals are sandals that are designed with a broader footbed. The purpose of this is to accommodate feet that may not be suitable for standard width sandals due to narrowness and tightness.

Do I definitely need a wide fit?

It’s likely that you’ll benefit from a wide fit if you find that standard ones feel too snug, mark your feet, or cause you discomfort. Getting your feet measured professionally is wise to ensure a correct fit.

Are wide fit sandals suitable for specific foot conditions?

Broad-fitting footwear can be a great match for people living with conditions like hammertoes and bunions. It’s wise to talk to your podiatrist if you have a foot condition and need help identifying suitable footwear.

Which materials are used to create Calla sandals?

Calla sandals are made from a wide range of materials, including soft leather or suede.

How can I care for and maintain my sandals?

The specific care and maintenance requirements will depend on the sandals you purchase and the material. It’s wise to check out the specific product details to find the best way to care for your sandals.