These comfy sandals are ideal for all kinds of scenarios. These can include trips to the pool or beach, carrying out errands, and more. They are suitable for virtually any casual situation.

All-day comfort

These sandals allow you to experience all-day comfort thanks to their quality cushioning and ergonomically designed footbed.

You can expect these sandals to reduce foot fatigue and provide you with optimal support from the moment you put them on to the point you remove them.

Ideal for travel

Many travelers have described these sandals as “game-changers”. The sandals are simple to pack and have the versatility to match a host of outfits. This means you can reduce the number of footwear solutions you take on a trip.

Simple maintenance

Another key benefit of these sandals is that they are very easy to maintain. To keep them looking as good as new, give them a quick wipe or rinse when you need to. This helps you prolong their lifespan.

Various stylish options available

There is no need to compromise on style in favor of comfort when you opt for these big-selling comfy sandals.

There are many designs and colors to choose from. The sandals pair easily with a wide range of clothing styles. This helps you to make a big stylistic statement.

Health advantages

A further advantage of these comfy sandals is that they have a supportive structure. This ensures they promote better foot health, with the design alleviating various foot issues such as flat feet and plantar fasciitis.

Compatible with foot accessories

The sandals work very well with foot accessories like toe separators and arch supports.

How To Choose

When you’re looking for footwear that blends style and comfort wonderfully, there are many things you need to consider. Let’s look at some of the most important factors you need to consider right now.


It’s vital to achieve the perfect fit when you’re shopping for footwear. Make sure the design caters to your foot width and length.

If you have wide feet, it may be best to seek out sandals with broader straps or an adjustable feature. People with narrow feet can look for styles with tight or customizable straps.

Arch support

Footwear that comes with proper arch support will reduce foot and back pain. If you do have high arches, you can opt for sandals with added support or cushioning to prevent strain. Many flat-footed people prefer designs that come with inbuilt arch reinforcement.

Strap placement

Straps aren’t just about style. They also greatly influence the overall comfort offered by the sandal. Strategically placed straps will distribute weight evenly across the foot, boosting comfort and reducing pressure points.

Adjustable straps can also provide a custom fit to stop your sandals from feeling either too tight or loose.

Non-slip sole

Many people focus on the upper part of a sandal. However, the sole can have a huge impact on the overall quality of the sandal. A non-slip sole can enhance safety standards, particularly on wet surfaces.

It can serve you well whether you’re strolling by the pool or through a rainy city center.


Footbeds that come with slight curves or contours are often more comfortable than flat ones. The curved structure will give you a better grip and cut the strain on your feet during extended use.

Ease of cleaning

Sandals are amongst the most popular summer footwear around. However, they can gather a large amount of grime and dust. This is why it’s such as good idea to opt for sandals that are easy to clean.

This can save a lot of time and effort, allowing you to keep your footwear looking great throughout summer.


Sandals come in a host of materials. These include fabric, leather, rubber, and synthetic blends. Leather is noted for its classic appearance. It molds to your foot over time to boost comfort.

Fabric and synthetic materials tend to be lighter and more breathable. They’re also great for water-based activities. Rubber sandals are robust, simple to clean, and great for wet, rugged environments.

Sole quality

It’s also advisable to seek out footwear with durable, comfortable soles. Soles that come with cushioning can give you extra comfort.

Textured grip soles can stop you from slipping on a host of surfaces. Rubber soles are durable and a great match for outdoor activities. Cork soles will mold to the shape of your foot over time and deliver a personalized fit.

Closure type

Sandals come with various forms of closures. These can include Velcro, buckles, zippers, and slip-ons. Buckles and Velcro are adjustable to give a comfortable bespoke fit. Slip-ons give you ease of wear, whilst zippers are renowned for their convenience.


Comfort may be essential, but you can maintain consistency when it comes to style. You have a wealth of options available to you when it comes to style.

Popular options include elegant slides, chic gladiators, sporty designs, and flip-flops for casual scenarios. Seek out a style that works well with your wardrobe and lifestyle.


Think about the environments in which you’ll be wearing your footwear. Perhaps you need a pair that works well during evening events as well as casual outings? If so, it’s best to look for a versatile design.


Comfy sandals are available at various price points. Higher-end sandals can give you better materials and construction, but many affordable options will also give you fantastic durability and comfort.

Brand reputation

A reliable brand will likely provide the quality and durability you seek. It’s wise to research customer reviews and ratings to gain a deep insight into how a brand is perceived.


Do you have concerns about the environmental impact of comfy sandals? If so, seek out a brand that’s known for following sustainable practices.

This may mean using eco-friendly materials, maintaining ethical manufacturing processes, and implementing shoe recycling initiatives.


Many options are available to you when you’re looking for comfy sandals. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of comfy sandals right now.

Slide sandals

These are amongst the simplest designs around. Slide sandals are open-toe, backless footwear into which your feet can ‘slide’. They either have single or multiple straps across the top and offer fantastic ease of wear.

They are particularly popular with sports enthusiasts who need a comfortable option after a big game. Slide sandals are one of the oldest sandal types around.

Gladiator sandals

These sandals have multiple straps. These often climb up the leg. The straps normally stop at the ankle but do reach the knee sometimes.

They’re ideal for those who want something that’s stylish and works well with shorts and summer dresses. The shoes worn by Roman gladiators inspire their name.


Flip-flops have a flat sole which is secured loosely on the foot with a Y-shaped strap. They are very popular with beach lovers and those seeking casual, laidback styles thanks to their simplicity.

These sandals have a long history, stretching back to ancient Egyptian and Japanese civilizations.

Wedge sandals

These sandals offer a fantastic blend of comfort and style. They have full-length heel that is wider and more stable than standard high heels.

They are great for women needing more height without compromising comfort or stability. They first became popular in the 1940s.

Fisherman sandals

These sandals give you more protection than other sandal types. They tend to have interwoven straps, a closed toe, and a T-bar.

This ensures they’re ideal for outdoor activities that require toe protection. They take their name from the fisherman who originally wore them.

Espadrille sandals

Famed for their jute rope sole, these sandals feature cotton fabric or canvas uppers. They can come in forms, including high-heeled and flat. They are particularly suitable for wearers who need a casual but chic summer look.


Many alternatives to comfy sandals are available. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular right now.

Beach and poolside lounging

Lightweight, breathable sandals are a great match for poolside and beach activities. They can protect the feet from hot sand and pebbles while keeping them cool and comfortable.

However, you could opt for water shoes if you need an alternative. These will give you extra foot coverage and superior traction. They are particularly great for rocky beaches and water sports.

Casual outings

If you need footwear for situations where comfort and casual style are essential such as eating out, sightseeing, and shopping, you could purchase athletic shoes, walking shoes, or lightweight trainers, as these may give you more cushioning and support.

Outdoor adventures

If you need alternative footwear for enjoying your favorite outdoor pursuits and expect to walk across tougher terrains or partake in longer hikes, consider hiking boots or trail shoes, which can give you more ankle support and increased foot protection.

Summer weddings and events

Alternatives to comfy sandals for big summer weddings and other events can include formal flats and dress shoes. These can create a more traditional look and work better indoors or during cooler weather.

Workplace footwear

If comfy sandals aren’t appropriate or suitable for your workplace, you could invest in loafers or comfortable flats instead. If your job involves standing for long periods of time, non-slip work shoes that come with extra padding could be a good choice.

Home comfort

Do you need an alternative to comfy sandals for the home? If so, you may achieve extra warmth and coziness by wearing house slippers, especially when the temperature drops.

If you need additional arch support, you could use orthopedic indoor footwear.

Post Purchase Considerations


There is no need to worry if the fit isn’t quite right. If your sandals feel too tight or loose, refer to a detailed size guide or contact the customer service team for tailored guidance. A good fit will ensure maximum comfort and health for your feet.


If your sandals don’t feel comfortable immediately, remember that new shoes tend to require a break-in period.

Once you have worn them around your home for a few hours per day, you can expect them to conform to the shape of your feet quickly. If they still feel uncomfortable after a few weeks, you may need to return them and seek a replacement.


If you don’t know how to style your new sandals, help is available. Many helpful blogs and articles online can help you achieve the right look.

Sandals are versatile and can be worn during nights out, casual strolls through the park, and various other scenarios.

Care and maintenance

If you’re unsure how to care for your new footwear, you can look online for detailed instructions.

A soft, damp cloth can help you maintain their cleanliness and prolong their life. Avoid exposing your sandals to excessive water or direct sunlight.


Why are these sandals so comfortable?

Calla sandals are designed with a host of features to maximize comfort. These can include adjustable straps, cushioned soles, and ergonomic footbeds. These features ensure your sandals provide the perfect fit so you can comfortably walk, stand, and lounge.

Are the sandals suitable for wide feet?

Calla has a range of wide fit sandals that are more comfortable if your feet are wider than average. Look at individual product descriptions to ensure any sandals you’re interested in match your foot width.

Do these sandals give proper arch support?

Calla sandals offer fantastic arch support to help maintain foot health and comfort, particularly during long periods of wear.

Are these sandals suitable for outdoor activities?

Calla sandals are suited to strolling on the beach, but likely not for a difficult hike. Again, look at product descriptions to ensure the sandals you want to buy are suitable for these activities.

How can I care for and clean comfy sandals?

Care instructions can vary. They tend to be influenced by the materials used to manufacture them. Most sandals have care instructions in their packaging or product descriptions.

Do comfy sandals run true to size?

Most comfy sandals do run true to size, but sometimes there are exceptions. Customers are encouraged to look at product descriptions and reviews for specific sizing information.