Yvonne: 'Hallelujah, they stay on!'

review of calla shoes for bunions by yvonne

As a child I had very narrow feet with a narrow heel - I was an AA to a B! Nightmare for my mother. My feet were also very shallow and they still are.

Due to this shallow foot the danger was that I could wear a 5 - 5.5 as my foot would go in but my actual size was a 6 - 6.5. So I ended up with a cupboard of shoes I didn’t wear as they weren’t comfortable.

I also have very little fat padding on the bottom of my feet and some shoes it’s like you’re walking barefoot on stones! My favourite shoe would be a moccasin.

I also have a muscle problem in my left leg which impacts standing and balance. In 2014 I suddenly got severe pains in my left foot which turned out to be bad arthritis which was treated with a mid foot fusion.

After this op I ended up only able to wear lace up shoes as the plate in the foot wouldn’t allow the grip that you need to retain a shoe and you would walk out of them.

I also got severe burning on the ball of my foot which at times made it difficult to walk. I tried with memory foam insoles but they would jam my toes into the top of the shoe! My foot has broadened over the years, but I would still not call them wide.

So without actually having a bunion, I do have very painful feet! Having had a mid foot fusion dressy shoes were a problem, as I couldn’t keep them on. I have not ventured into Calla heels yet, but these Calla flats cushion the painful balls of my feet, allow room for my toes to move, have enough support and hallelujah they stay on! Most important they are comfortable! - Yvonne

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