Lynne: 'I am very fond of comfort.'

customer review of calla shoes for bunions
How strange, yet bizarrely wonderful that someone would be interested in my ugly feet. I have had lots of surgery on my feet including bunion operations and having my toes pinned. You can see I need more surgery on my left foot. 

I used to be totally ashamed of how ugly my feet are, and wouldn’t uncover them even on the beach. At a spa one day a friend said ‘Oh my goodness, your feet really are ugly’ and that was the changing point. I decided I would wear my scars with pride. They are me.

I’ve always had wide feet but increasingly with age (65 and way too young to be old) I am very fond of comfort. However I also like style and I’m not ready for orthopaedic Velcro fasteners yet! 

It’s definitely time women stopped being embarrassed about their bodies and feet are probably the most ignored. -

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