Red carpet shoe disasters

In Hollywood, there is always pressure. Pressure to have flawless outfits, flawless hair, flawless make-up, flawless manicure and pedicure… You get the drift.

Every celebrity, that is even a little bit famous, will have a personal stylist. Their stylist will find the most fashionable and flattering clothes for them to wear to events, parties and award shows, or sometimes even while running their daily errands.

Having seen many, many red-carpet pictures of numerous stars, we can’t help but wonder: do some stylists hate their clients?

While we understand that the famous have an image to uphold and cannot wear flat, granny-style shoes, some celebrity feet look like they are screaming in pain in some of the shoes that they wear. Toes slipping out of shoes, foggy toes in clear shoes, too large shoes for too small feet... The list of celebrity shoe disasters goes on!

Every single person in the world has different feet. It is time for these celebs’ stylist to appreciate that while they can squeeze their feet into some shoes, does not mean they should!

Ill-fitting shoes can ruin your feet in the long run and have been linked to being responsible for a range of long and short term foot problems – bunions, hammertoes, corns, athlete’s foot, collapsed arches, joint pain and even back pain, just to name a few!

Additionally, celebrities are often role models for many young people. It is not great that the message that they are conveying is to wear fashionable shoes, even if they kill your feet.

Have a look at some of the most notable shoe disasters below. Please note – we are far from judging these celebs. We just wish that they would stop letting their stylists stuff their feet in shoes that even look uncomfortable. There are way too many comfortable AND stylish options on the market today.

While occasion and dress shoes are never going to be what you should wear every day, there are shoe styles which will ensure that when you put them on, you won’t have to kick them off after an hour!

Have a look at some of the worst celebrity shoe disasters below.

Beth Behrs Small Feet in Heels
1. Beth Behrs' little toe is not feeling this tight strap
Britney Spears In Heels
2. Britney Spears has escaping toes too - ouch!
Julianne Moore Toe Doesn't Fit In Shoe
3. Julianne Moore is plagued by the little toe problem as well
Rashinda Jones Feet in Heels
4. Rashinda Jones is struggling to contain her toes too
Jessica Stam's Feet In Shoes Uncomfortable
5. Jessica Stam's shoes are brutal on her toes
Kim Kardashian Feet in Tight Shoe
6. Kim Kardashian is known for wearing high heels, but this famous photo, taken during her first pregnancy, just shows why it is better to ditch the heel sometimes - poor Kim!
Katy Perry Feet in Heels
7. Katy Perry's toes are trying to escape her shoes, most likely due to the lack of support or the shoes being too small for her feet
Kate Moss Feet in Tight Shoe Heels
8. Kate Moss cannot be comfortable in these shoes - you can see how the skin on her foot has wrinkled in response to being stuffed into the high heels

Luckily for these celebs, Calla is here, with our range of comfortable, bunion-friendly AND stylish shoes. If you would like to have a look at our full range, click on the picture below.

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