10 Celebrities With Really Big Feet

Celebs with big feet

Just in case this wasn’t obvious already: celebrities are humans, just like all of us! None of them are flawless, even though some appear to be so (hello Rihanna), and each of them has some qualities that the rest of the world can sometimes consider embarrassing, even when they are all completely normal human traits.

A particularly popular subject to talk about in regard to stars is their feet. This comes as no surprise, as celebrities’ red-carpet outfits always include fabulous shoes, which are then scrutinised by the gossip media. Celebrities with big feet seem to especially be in the spotlight, as the size of their feet is often the talk of the glossy magazines.

Some stars’ feet have been the subject of more than just gossip though. Quentin Tarantino, a film director who has famously not been shy about his foot fetish, made Uma Thurman’s large feet the subject of a foot massage scene in Pulp Fiction and made sure to include super close-ups of her feet in Kill Bill. Elle Macpherson has made her large feet the subject of a sketch on Saturday Night Live, and London 2012’s Olympic medallist swimmer Missy Franklin is sure that her large, size 11 UK (13 US) feet have helped her in her career.

Which celebrities have the largest feet though? Have a look at our list of stars with very big shoes to fill.

1. Paris Hilton - 11US/9UK/43EU

paris hilton big feet

Paris Hilton famously wears a size 11 US (9 UK) and has admitted that her feet are the one thing about herself that she hates. The hotel heiress was quoted saying:

In a true Hilton style, however, Paris has started her own footwear line, which runs up to size - you guessed it - 11 US.

2. Uma Thurman - 11US/9UK/43EU

uma thurman big feet

If you'd like to watch Uma's feet in action in Kill Bill, where Quentin Tarantino had dedicated an entire scene to them, click here. Interestingly, Uma also suffers from bunions.

3. Oprah Winfrey - 11US/9UK/43EU

oprah winfrey big feet

A few years ago, while having a closet makeover, Oprah had actually discovered that she had been wearing shoes that are too small her entire life. The media mogul admitted to wearing a size 10US, while her feet are a size 11US! Perhaps this explains the bunions that the talk show host sadly suffers from.

4. Kendall Jenner - 10US/8UK/42EU

kendall jenner big feet

Kendall's 10US/8UK/42EU feet are not much of a surprise, as the professional model is 1.79m tall - that's 5.9 feet!

It is, however, safe to say that Kendall did not follow in her family's footsteps in terms of feet size. Kim Kardashian's shoe size is 7US/5UK/38EU, but that's expected as Kim measures a mere 1.59m. Similarly, Kourtney Kardashian, who is 1.52m tall, wears 6US/4UK/37EU shoes.

The two family members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan whose feet are the closest to Kendall's are Khloe Kardashian, who wears Kendall's shoe size too (10US) and Caitlyn Jenner, whose feet are a size 13US/11UK/46EU.

You can read more about the Kardashian-Jenner feet by clicking here.

5. Kate Winslet - 11US/9UK/43EU

kate winslet big feet

Kate's feet have been the subject of much speculation online, as they do not seem to match the rest of her body really. The actress is 1.69m tall, which is perhaps why her feet seem so out-of-ordinary. Winslet has previously revealed that her mum wears a size 13US/11UK/45EU, but it makes a little bit more sense as the actress' mother is 1.80m tall.

6. Whoopi Goldberg - 11US/9UK/43EU

whoopi goldberg big feet

Whoopi has admitted to having size 11US/9UK/43EU feet while on a talk show with Kate Winslet - big footed ladies rejoice!

7. Elle Macpherson - 12US/10UK/44EU

elle macpherson big feet

The Australian model is 1.82m tall, which is likely to be the factor responsible for her large feet.

8. Tyra Banks - 11.5US/9.5UK/43EU

tyra banks big feet

Model Tyra Banks is 1.78m, but her shoe size is still a bit larger than the average for her height.

9. Missy Franklin - 13US/11UK/45EU

missy franklin big feet

The swimmer considers her large feet to be an asset, as they help her swim quicker.

10. Famke Janssen - 11US/9UK/43EU

famke janssen big feet

The Dutch-born model and actress sports size 11US/9UK/43EU feet, which sadly feature bunions as well.

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