Are flat shoes bad for bunions?

Traditional flat shoes are bad for bunions because they don't offer any arch support (which leads to poor foot posture/flat feet, exacerbating bunions), they don't offer much cushioning (which increases pressure on the bunion), and have a narrow toe box (squeezing the foot inwards, making bunions worse).

What flats are good for bunions?

The best flat shoes for bunions are those with a wide toe box, that accommodates the bunion without squeezing it. They also have a supportive arch and heel lift, helping to maintain the proper foot posture, preventing bunions from getting worse.

You'll be able to dance all night at parties or a wedding, or comfortably make that work commute without pain.

Why choose Calla flat shoes?

We put the Calla comfort into every pair of our flats for women with bunions. Calla shoes incorporate a design for bunion sufferers in the shoe's soles, footbed, and shape. Within Calla podiatrist-approved flat shoes, you will find: 

  • super soft, luxurious leather uppers, which ensure no rubbing and mould to your feet
  • an extra wide (EE-EEE) toe box area, to accommodate your bunions
  • a standard heel area, which stops your heel from slipping out of the shoe (we know you only need the width in the front)
  • leather upper and lining, which adds to the softness of the shoe, but also allows your feet to ventilate
  • a cushioned insole with arch support, to help distribute pressure and maintain a good posture
  • a hidden, 1 cm heel
  • a non-slip sole to ensure you stay firmly on your feet

Our range includes ballet pumps for bunions, loafers for bunions, and brogues for bunions - all with the extra padding and support you need to avoid pain in your big toe joint.

Once you've recovered from treatment or surgery, these flat shoes are a great way to wear something more stylish without aggravating old wounds.

Additionally, the Charlotte style features a triangle vamp, which can help your feet appear slimmer and your legs appear longer. Meanwhile, our brogue-style flat shoes for bunions feature a hallux stretch panel in the toe box, which allows them to accommodate and conceal up to large bunions.

flat shoes for bunions features explained

We believe that comfort and style can go hand in hand, and we have designed our flats for bunions with this in mind. Foot professionals agree - Calla bunion shoes are designed in collaboration with podiatrists.

Flat shoes to help with multiple foot conditions

Apart from bunions, Calla flats are also suitable for plantar fasciitis, arthritis, wide feet, swollen feet, hammer toes, triangle feet, if you have had a bunionectomy, or are just looking for comfort. Additionally, our brogue style shoes will be perfect for those struggling with bunionettes and hammertoes. This is thanks to the hallux stretch panel in the toe box of the shoe.

Quality is a key component in our flats, too. We have based our production in the Porto region of Portugal, where Calla shoes are handmade in small batches. The super soft, luxurious materials we use for production are procured in Portugal too. They adhere to strict, European regulations, and are responsibly sourced.

The flats are some of our bestselling footwear for bunions so popular sizes may get snapped up quickly. We restock regularly, so please check if your size is out of stock soon. You can also sign up to be notified when it becomes available again.

We invite you to read the reviews of our flats for bunions, to see what our customers think of the comfort. We also have a range of sneakers, sandals, and heels (high heels, court shoes, and wedges).