Alison is saying 'hi' to heels and a marriage

woman kissing a man in the street during a wedding

Calla’s Fuschia Lana heels were absolutely perfect for my New Orleans wedding!

I don’t have bunions, but I do have relatively wide feet, a dodgy ankle and a wardrobe full of pretty but horribly uncomfortable heels...

I’ve been reading good reviews about Calla for a while, so, after falling in love with this style I decided to take a chance with them, thinking if they are work for ladies with bunions, maybe I’ll be able to wear them for more than an hour without crippling foot pain.

As soon as they arrived I realised I’d made the right decision - the colour was spot on, the suede super soft, perfect heel height and they had the support that I needed.

And as for the wedding, not only did I wear them all afternoon, but I also walked over a mile around the French Quarter and successfully danced the night away in them. The quality was evident the day after as well, normally I ruin shoes quite quickly but the suede still looked as new and the heel tip barely showed any wear... Best chance I ever took, other than on the husband of course!

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