YouTuber reviews Calla shoes

Never wear painful heels again...

What’s worse than getting a new pair of fabulous shoes, only for them to be super painful and uncomfortable to wear?! We’ve all been there, but wouldn’t it be great if you knew before buying the shoes, if they were going to be comfortable or not?

Well, exciting news ladies, Vanessa of The Most Comfortable Heels on YouTube, has taken on this challenge. She’s on a quest to help women everywhere, and stop us from buying shoes which are going to hurt our feet.

The Most Comfortable Heels is dedicated to all things heels. This includes tips on how to find shoes to fit your feet, how to know what your perfect heel height is, and she even tries brands out for herself, so you don’t have to!

Calla Shoes was fortunate enough to be featured on The Most Comfortable Heels this week, with Vanessa trying out a pair of our Emily II Black Suede Heels.

All reviews on The Most Comfortable Heels are very informative, honest, and Vanessa really considers every single feature of the shoes when giving her opinion. Luckily for us, Vanessa loved the Calla Emily II heel, and she said she would recommend the heels to anyone suffering from bunions, wide feet or hammertoe.

Check out the full review below! Or click here to watch on YouTube.

For more tips, advice and reviews on comfortable (and stylish!) heels, subscribe to The Most Comfortable Heels now, and follow Vanessa on Instagram at @themostcomfortableheels.

The Most Comfortable Heels is a YouTube channel you didn’t know you needed… but now you know it exists; you’ll never look back!

If Vanessa’s review has got you wanting a pair of Emily II’s, shop them now!

Or, alternatively, shop the full Calla collection here.

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