The ultimate guide to shoe storage

The importance of buying decent shoes is undeniable. Whether you are walking with purpose or just wearing shoes as a fashion statement, good shoes protect your feet, encourage proper posture and save you from being in discomfort and pain. For tips on how to choose high quality shoes, check out our blog post "5 tips on recognising high vs low quality shoes". As your shoes are so important, it is worth storing them carefully and properly, for several different reasons! Keep reading to find out why, what shoe storage options are out there, and what shoe storage option Calla’s Jennifer uses.

Why is shoe storage important?

Make outfit planning and shopping easier

We have all had that moment where we find an item in our wardrobe that we completely forgot existed. Well, for your shoes, this will never happen again! Storing your shoes in an organised manner will allow you to really see your shoe collection, which will make it much easier when it comes to planning outfits and when it comes to purchasing new shoes.

It is easy to want to buy new items when you don’t realise how much you actually already own – having your belongings laid out in a clear and logical way will allow you to really assess whether or not you actually need to buy that new pair of shoes you have been eyeing up! Not only this, but it will mean that you will have more shoes in your outfit rotation. Having easy access to your shoes will mean that rather than just going for the same pair of shoes every time you pick your outfit, you’ll actually be able to mix it up, and reach beyond the first pair of shoes that you would normally grab.

Save space and get tidy

Having a shoe storage system is also likely to declutter your space. Shoes can very easily make a space look messy and untidy, but with the right shoe storage this can be a thing of the past. If you choose the right shoe storage, it will also save you space, so it really is worth investing in a system that will work for you and the room which you have your shoes in, whether that is your bedroom or a dressing room.

Whilst these reasons for storing your shoes in a proper way are very valid, and convincing, we are here to tell you an even more important reason why you should be storing your shoes properly.

Look after your shoes and they will look after you

Like we said, shoes are an important aspect of our lives, and we often forget how vital they are in our everyday life. It is estimated that the average person will take 216,262,500 steps in their lifetime! So clearly, we need to be looking after our feet, and we should start by looking after our shoes.

When you think of shoe care, the first thing that comes to mind is cleaning and protecting your shoes with shoe cleaning products. But what most people do not realise is that how you store your shoes is in integral element of looking after them, to ensure that they last as long as possible and continue looking great.

Prevent damage

Having proper shoe storage will help your shoes to keep their shape, which is really important for providing your feet with support. If you want to add extra structure whilst your shoes are properly stored, using shoe trees is another excellent way of maintaining the shape of your footwear.

Storing your shoes is also really important in order to prevent a build-up of dust – dust is terrible for shoes as it can damage the leather by drying it out or by trapping moisture. There is a reason why dust bags are called dust bags! Similarly avoiding direct sunlight exposure is another really important step in keeping your shoes in excellent condition, as sunlight exposure can result in leather drying and even cracking. Bear these points in mind when choosing which type of shoe storage you want to go for, as some will do these things better than others.

Spend money to save money

Ultimately, by investing in a proper shoe storage system your shoes will last much longer, which is great as not only will you get more wear out of them for your money, but it will also mean you do not have to buy shoes as often which will lead to even more savings!

Different types of shoe storage

So now that you know why shoe storage is so important and some key things to avoid, it is time to decide what type of storage system will work best for you!

Over the door shoe hangers

Over the door shoe hangers are an affordable, low commitment shoe storage option. Not only this, but they are also an amazing way to optimise your space and are great for small homes and rooms. It is worth noting, however, that some over the door hangers do not provide supportive, spacious environment for the shoes, and can actually force the shoe to bend which might result in the shoe losing its shape. Therefore, we recommend that if opting for a shoe hanger you go for a metal one (right) rather than a fabric one (left) (see below).

over the door shoe storage organisers

Image credit: Wayfair

Shoe hangers for inside wardrobes

Shoe hangers for the insides of wardrobes are another really simple, cheap yet effective way to get organised. Not only is this super convenient as your shoes be near your clothes, but they will also be kept out of direct sunlight and will be less likely be affected by dust build up. It is worth considering, however, that wardrobe shoe hangers might not be able to accommodate your entire shoe collection, or if they do, you might lose out on some wardrobe space for your clothes.

3 wardrobe hangers for shoes

Image credit: Wayfair

Shoe racks

Shoe racks are a classic and streamlined way of storing your shoes, and they often accommodate a large quantity of shoes, as well as being suitable for different styles, e.g. boots, heels, flats and so on. Using shoe racks will allow you to see your shoe collection very clearly, as well as making them very accessible. There are so many different types of shoe racks, including racks that are metal, wood, tall, small, wide and thin, and so looking at shoe racks is a really good place to start when deciding to get organised.

3 shoe storage racks

Image credit: Wayfair

Shoe cabinets

If you do not want your shoes to be on show, or exposed to dust and sunlight, then shoe cabinets are a great alternative to shoe racks, as they often have doors or drawers which keep the shoes hidden away.

As with most types of shoe storage, there are many different varieties of shoe cabinets, meaning you can search for the perfect one to match your space, and home decor. These can be a really sleek, stylish and inconspicuous way of storing your shoes and are definitely something to consider if you have space. These are also a great option for decluttering hallways.

3 shoe cabinets storage

Image credit: Wayfair

Shoe boxes

Shoe boxes are another excellent way to store your shoes. What is great about shoe storage boxes is that you can often customise them to be as big or small as you like – meaning you can adjust them to fit your space. They also work really well in preventing dust build up, and maintaining shoe structure.

2 shoe box storage organisers

Image credit: Argos

Under the bed racks

Like over the door hangers, under the bed racks are an excellent option for people who do not have space for shoe racks or cabinets. This is also a great option if you want to keep your shoes hidden away out of sight but do not have space for a shoe cabinet.

under the bed shoe storage

Image credit: Ikea

Calla Shoes on shoe storage

Founder of Calla Shoes Jenni once struggled to find shoes that she liked that were comfortable on her bunions, but since launching Calla she is now lucky enough to have an extensive collection of beautiful shoes that also fit her feet! With new Calla shoes being launched each season, it is important for Jenni to maintain an organised shoe storage system.

shoe storage box

Jenni has opted for a stackable shoe box system, which she can add to as her collection grows! It also gives her easy access to her gorgeous shoes, meaning comfort and style are never too far away.

In summary...

Storing your shoes is an important, often overlooked step in looking after your shoes to ensure they look good for as long as possible. It also helps you maintain a tidy, organised space, and can help with outfit planning – it is a win win!

There are some extremely innovative shoe storage options out there, so whatever your situation is there is a storage solution out there for you to help you get organised, and look after your shoes.

How do you store your shoes? We would love to find out – so let us know in the comments below!

If you've already got a fabulous shoe storage system and want to expand your shoe collection, check out some of our shoe styles below!

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