Let's end the uncomfortable shoe era!

Whether or not you suffer from bunions, we all know the pain of wearing uncomfortable shoes – a pair of high strappy heels or courts that pinch the toes.

If you’re all too familiar with the squeezed feet and burning soles then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here at Calla, we have found that one in six women (15%) are suffering for style, as they admit to wearing extremely uncomfortable shoes, compared to just one in 14 men (7%).

In our survey, nearly three-quarters of British women (70%) admitted that shoes are a crucial part of their overall image, so it is no wonder we’re putting style above comfort.

survey results

Because of this fashion focus placed on footwear, nearly a fifth of Brits (18 per cent) admit to wearing shoes that are uncomfortable at least once a month, potentially causing lasting damage to their feet, including making bunions worse.

Our research found that it is the younger generation who are the most willing to suffer for their style, with a quarter (24%) of 18 to 24-year-olds claiming to wear shoes that cause extreme pain, compared to just one in 20 (6%) over 55s.

It turns out that as ladies, we are in serious need of a shoe amnesty, as a fifth (22%) of us admit to storing away uncomfortable shoes, but never actually wearing them.

Talking about the results, the founder of Calla Shoes, Jennifer Bailey, said: “It seems that Brits nationwide are seriously suffering in the name of fashion, with young women being the biggest offenders. Although the pain may be short-lived for now, uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes can cause lasting damage such as bunions, hammer toes or metatarsalgia.

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