How to get rid of bunions: myths and facts

So, you suffer from bunions, or struggle with the appearance of it. You have come across the countless articles about massaging essential oils on your bunions, buying shoes that will make your bunions magically disappear, and many more. What to believe and what not to believe, this is the question.

A never ending amount of myths are spread around the internet on how to treat bunions (hallux valgus) and make them disappear. We have collected all the myths, all the information circulating on the Internet, blogs and social media for you and we are here to debunk them and most importantly, deliver you the truth.

There is no magical recipe to get rid of bunions, however, there are concrete and effective ways to prevent your bunions from getting worse and to live at peace with them. Alternatively, getting rid of bunions with surgery is another, more radical, option. If you are considering it, we invite you to look at our blogpost on "Surgery for Bunions, Hallux Valgus: Pros, Cons and Advice from a Podiatrist".

Now, let’s get right into it!



essential oils, coconut oil, olive oil, ice, turmeric, massages to get rid of bunions

Massages with oils or any other substance (ice, turmeric...)

“The Magic Massaging Technique that will treat your bunions”, “Massages to dissolve your bunions”, these articles circulating on Google, Pinterest and other platforms swear that daily massages will get rid of your bunions. Now, let’s make something clear. Bunions, hallux valgus (the medical term) is a deformity of the bone at the joint of your big toe. Therefore, any type of oils, any type of pressure such as massages will have absolutely no effect on your bunions.

Let’s compare it to a person wanting to reduce the appearance of a bump on their nose. Massaging the nose will not get rid of that bump. That person will have to get rhinoplasty, more commonly called nose surgery, to flatten the unwanted bump.

So, any type of foot massages, foot exercises will not alter the deformity of your bone. It might just relieve the pain momentarily, but we will get to that in just a moment in our Facts.

shoes sandals to get rid of bunions to make bunions disappear bunion-correcting sandals toes

Shoes that make your bunions disappear, bunion pads, toe separators

Bunion correcting sandals, do they work? If you have stumbled upon this blog post, then chances are you are wondering whether to purchase the heavily advertised "bunion correcting" sandals.

But do they really work? In short, no. Their bunion-correcting claim is unfortunately too good to be true. In fact, it is likely that the cheap, tough material will only end up hurting your feet rather than "fixing" them. The same applies to bunion pads and toe separators.


stylish shoes flats for bunions hallux valgus wide feet leopard print camel black brown comfortable pony hair leather luxurious bunion friendly

Quality-material shoes

"Quality over quantity" is a saying that should also be applied to shoes, especially for feet affected by bunions. Privilege shoes with soft cushions inside, with a wide-fit toe panel to give your bunions space and quality leather that will not get worn out to protect your feet in the long term.

Investing in comfortable and quality shoes specifically designed for bunions rather than splurging on countless shoes that will be worn only a couple of times due to the pain they cause will be a relief for both your feet and your wallet.

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Bunion-friendly, comfortable shoes

Shoes with a wide-fit toe panel will hug your bunions rather than squeezing them into the shoe. This will prevent your bunions to worsen and let your bunions have space to settle in the shoe without any pain.

High heels should be worn occasionally rather than on a daily basis. Pointed-shoes are also not ideal, except if there are designed for women with bunions or wide feet.

Privilege small heeled shoes or flats on a daily basis, and for certain events, wear high heels accommodated for women with bunions.

how to get rid of bunions with surgery operation limits pros and cons dangers recovery healing cost pain hurtful reviews

Surgery - Limits

Surgery is an effective option that will correct the position of the deviated bone. This may involve readjusting the bone, tendons, nerves or ligaments. This surgery is one to consider and will not be suggested to everyone that has bunions.

Why? Because the surgery for bunions is for the candidates who experience significant foot pains, with not being able to walk down a few blocks even with the appropriate shoes. It is also recommended to people who have their big toe overlapping over their other toes, making the toes to cross over. It is then very difficult to find the appropriate footwear for this kind of consequence.

If you are still considering or wanting to gain more knowledge on bunion surgery, we have written a fully detailed article on the pros and cons of this procedure.

Whatever you decide regarding the operation, we think your feet deserve quality shoes that don't pinch your toes either way. Calla shoes are designed specially for bunions, but are also perfect for a wider foot or just anyone looking for comfort. The founder of Calla shoes has bunions and tries on every pair to ensure that the shoes Calla designs are fit and comfortable for hallux valgus.

(Note that all feet and bunions are slightly different)

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