What do Amal Clooney's feet say about her?

Celebrity food reader, Jane Sheehan, is back at it for Calla, this time reading the feet of International human rights lawyer and fellow bunion suffer, Amal Clooney.

To find out what Jane thinks of Amal's personality and emotions, keep reading!
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Celebrity Foot Reading: Amal Clooney

amal clooney bunions foot reading

"Looking at the photo, it is clear to me that Amal is bending over backwards doing more for others now than she did in the past. I can see this as Amal’s big toe angle is greater on the left foot than the right.

Her second toe is elongated which indicates she has natural leadership qualities. Anyone with this shaped second toe, if they are not in a leadership role, they can become bossy!

Once I was giving a talk to a rotary club dinner and a man asked what does an elongated second toe mean. After I explained this, he told me he was an orthopaedic surgeon and he had some colleagues doing studies of the Egyptian Mummies feet. They were given permission to x-ray the mummies and discovered that they too had elongated 2nd toes. I wasn’t surprised because in many cultures around the world there are clues like this. For example, in Hawaii where they had a caste system, they say if you have an elongated 2nd toe you belong to the Ali’I (the chief caste). In Mauritius, they say if the wife’s 2nd toe is longer, she will dominate the husband!

Amal’s elongated third toe indicates she has extra drive and determination that she can do twice as much as the next person is given the same time and resources. In effect, each toe has a different energy and if a toe is much longer than expected then it indicates more of that energy.

Having both an elongated 2nd and 3rd toe shows her life’s challenge – a leader who doesn’t want to delegate!

Necks of toes represent expression, and Amal has long thin toes which indicates that she is very good with words and is creatively expressive. I will never know what form her creativity will take though. IF I meet someone with very long toes who isn’t doing any form of creativity I would strongly encourage it.

A crease on the top joint of the 2nd, 3rd or 4th toe can indicate adaptability. On Amal’s 4th toe we can see the crease on the right foot but not on the left. This indicates that in the past when it came to how she related to others, she was extremely adaptable. Now, she’s much more likely to go with the flow than in the past in terms of relating to others.

Tendons indicate discipline. Big toe tendons indicate self-discipline. Amal shows here a lot of self-discipline."

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