We want to reward you for your loyalty to Calla.

We also want to reward those of you who recommend us to their family and friends.


To find our loyalty programme, look in the left bottom corner of your screen, for a 'Loyalty' button with a little star. On your mobile, it will appear as just the star icon.

calla shoes loyalty programme

To participate in our loyalty programme, all you need is an account in our online store. If you already have one, that is great - you just need to log in and make sure that you appear logged in once you click on the 'Loyalty' tab too.

You can collect points from your purchases, as well as following us on social media, subscribing to the Calla YouTube channel, or leaving us a TrustSpot review (we will send you a request to do so after your purchase). Your points can be exchanged for rewards, ranging from substantial discounts to a free pair of shoes.

Referring friends to Calla

Our referral programme is located in the same place as our loyalty programme. So, you would find it by clicking on the same 'Loyalty' or star button in the left bottom corner of your screen.

If you refer a friend to Calla, they will get 15% off their first order, and if they end up purchasing a pair of shoes, you will get a £20 off voucher for your next order, too. You can refer friends by messaging them your special link, emailing them, or sharing your link to Facebook and Twitter.